A Thursday’s Broken Prayer

There’s gotta be more…to pray. Something other than, “Lord, I’m tired”. Where are the prayers I had yesterday, of spiritual things, things of great importance. Yesterday, I began a new Bible study. It was absolutely amazing. What I am reminded of is things of yesterday don’t necessarily mean that’s how today is gonna be.

I am wondering where my prayers are, my spiritual prayers, the ones where I am consistently praying to God, as I go through my Bible study on Israel, the great story of God’s redemption, and how I get the privilege to be a part of that. I am not left out. Both studies (of yesterday and today) are focused on this…. And all I have to say to God is, “God, I am tired. Thank you for your mercy, and not leaving me out”. But mostly, they go the way- revolved around this little thing that I can’t get over called: fatigue. This art of just being tired, like I haven’t slept, only I have.  The prayers being repeated: “Lord, I’m tired. I am just so tired”. But praise God, I am praying! That is more important than my prayers are just basically groans.

I am glad, soo glad, that God has mercy on His children. I am so glad that God is totally fine with these moments where all I have to say in my prayer life goes something like this:

“God, I am tired.
Lord, I am soo tired.
Jesus, why am I soo tired?”

No matter what my prayers sound like, God hears them all. God knows I am trying to please Him. He knows that I do not want to have any sin hinder my prayers. These prayers are just as important as any other prayers, that deserves to be said. <3 He knows that I am seeking to please Him. He knows my struggles. He knows I want to be about studying the Word right now. I am just battling something called chronic illness. Even if all I have  to pray is about how tired I may feel, etc, God hears my prayers… And, God loves to hear from me! He delights in me, as His child. He loves it when I call on Him.

In Romans, I am reminded that God understands my groans and everything else. And, He intercedes for me (you  too)!

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans (Romans 8:26).”

The Overcomer Life: He helps us pray when we don’t know how to pray or what to even say! <3 Pursuing a daily, loving relationship with my Heavenly Father!! That is priceless. Not about the trials, but about the relationship I have with Him: one of unbroken fellowship with my God through Jesus Christ. That’s worth talking about.


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