The Overcomer Life

The Valuable

I know the value of words.

I know the value of speaking up.

I know the value of sharing my experiences to help others.

I know how it can impact others, by not sharing the words God gives me to speak

I know how it can impact others, by not sharing what God has and is doing in my own life.

This is why I can’t wear a mask.

I can’t be fake.

The people around me are much too valuable for any of that.

God deserves my best. Sometimes, that best means sharing. It isn’t things that make folks comfortable. It is the hard stuff. God requires my obedience- complete obedience. God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. He rose on the third day. God wants us to share the very power of God. He wants to give us abundant life!

We cannot withhold the good, the beautiful, our testimony….Even the things like chronic illness, brokenness, addictions, bad relationships, past experiences, etc. Even that deserves sharing, because God is definitely working in our midst and teaching us all the while.

Think about it! <3

As the body of Christ, what do we want to be about? Do you want to have the blessings that God wants to pour over you? Then, we need to allow others to share how God is working in their lives. No judgment passed. No ignoring them, or choosing to look past them. But, let’s really listen. We, as a community of believers, cannot afford to be selfish about what we do or don’t want to hear. Allow God full authority to speak into our lives. We need to truly desire to hear from God!

By Gracefully Overcoming

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