Commitments: How to Honor God

Lately, something on my mind is “commitments”. I want to be a person who does and says, well what she says she will do. Chronic illness can make this quite difficult.

  • “Ohhh, I’m too sick to read _____________ today”.
  • “Ohhhh, I’m going to have to push past this (the x, y, and z of my symptoms for that particular day), and get _______________ done”.

There are a ton of those examples, and I am not the only one who has them. When battling chronic illness, commitments are hard to make. How we follow through will impact others’ view of us. I am not so much worried about how others perceived me, not like I used to be. In terms of commitments, it has to be giving God my best.

Sick or not, we all have commitments. Despite how we feel, those commitments and whether or not we are able to fulfill them weighs on our hearts.

One thing that has been really important to me can be summed up in one word: diligence. Am I diligent in the commitments that I do make? Bottom line: I want to be someone who gives God her best. I don’t want to set out and give people my best, though by setting my focus on God- that happens.

God is the only one I want to fix my eyes on. God knows my heart, my actions, my commitments, my words, my body. He knows when I have pushed to far, and when I just need to rest. With God, He knows it all. So, I don’t need to worry about being seen as lazy, etc. God knows my all. When I pray about it, choose to commitment to something, I chose to give God my all by giving Him my best. I have the chance to impact the Kingdom of God, by fulfilling my commitments. I don’t have to worry about guilt setting in, because God knows my motives, my limitations, and everything else.

When we make commitments, do we let honoring God be our motives? How do we handle it when our limitations outweigh our ability to fulfill our commitments?

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