“Be the Dad She Needs You to Be”

Be the dad“Be the Dad She Needs You to Be” is by Kevin Leman. He is author of other books, such as: “Have a New Kid by Friday”, “The Birth Order Book”, and countless other books relating to marriage, kids, birth order, etc. Leman is a well-known psychologist, that has come to help many families.

This book, Be the Dad She Needs You to Be, is a great book. It is filled with helpful tips on how fathers can help their relationships with their daughters. Not only does it help fathers, but it also is helpful to daughters. In one part of the book, he explains the dynamic of the birth order. That is really important, because how a father relates to one daughter won’t necessarily work for his other daughter(s).

I read this as an outside. Of course, I am not a father. I am not a mother. I am just a single woman, finding her place in life. This book is even helpful to me, as I think about my future, my relationship with God through Jesus Christ, what I want in a potential husband, and to learn more about how birth order affects personality. Even some of the techniques in this book, I found to be very helpful!

While this is a good book, one thing I noticed is the lack of biblical references. Coming from a Christian publisher, I thought there would be more biblical evidence to support his points and ideas. Still, a good book. It could have been better, but it is still a good book. Just lacks biblical evidence. Readers will have to search the Scriptures themselves to dig deeper into what God says about fathers’ taking a role in their daughters’ lives.

I would recommend this book. It would be helpful for fathers to read and understand their importance in their daughters’ lives!

**Please note, I was given a free copy of this book by Booksneeze in exchange for a honest review**