The Real Me (on the struggles)

Being sick is embarrassing. It really is. I know others ignore those who are sick. They will look down or walk away when you try to talk to them. They avoid you like the plague. Takes many forms, and nobody knows why. I don’t know why, other than we all seek comfortable lives. If we don’t have to get uncomfortable and real, we may not. As a Christian, I am called to be there to support my brethren as we seek Christ together. Jesus’ sacrifice costed greatly! But, my sin penalty is gone and beautiful abundant life is what I have. I have a Father who loves me greatly! I have new and eternal life. I have a real and lasting hope in Jesus Christ! I have so many brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!!

I am a huge believer in not wearing masks no matter how embarrassing it may be, to be someone who faces chronic illness. I want to stay emotionally intact and as healthy as I can for my whole being. Illness can take a toll on our emotions. It means days of wanting to cry, lots of praying and learning to trust God more, and just taking this time to seek Him and get His help. When others leave so readily once illness steps in, it is far too easy to believe the lie that God, my Father, will want to leave one day too. On those days, it is important to remember the promise God has given me: He will never leave me nor forsake me!

Talking about it keeps me from my leper status…because it is so easy to feel secluded and like I just exist but play no part in society…

Chronic illness sufferers: Being sick is embarrassing. How do you all handle the embarrassment of being sick without wearing a mask? Do you hide it? Do you dance around it? I mean, really, how do you ‘deal’ with it?

Other readers: How can we help you to not shy away from talking with us? How can we do that without hiding everything and feeling like we are dying on the inside? A mask is a form of dishonesty. On the topic of how we can build these relationships again:  Many, me included, don’t mind talking about it. I love to be asked questions. I have witnessed how others have supported their friend, by asking what it is they struggle with, they have decided to research it, and see how they can support their friend. Just some ideas.

One final thought: If it is something used to draw me closer to God through Jesus Christ, can it still be so embarrassing to be sick? The earthly aspect, the leper status, that is embarrassing, but it can still bring good somewhere in there. Never give up hope, whether you are on end of being sick or o  the end of being supporters of those who are in the struggle. We are all involved in this struggle of facing chronic illness together!