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Act of Faith (with pictures)

The whole theme of this blog is overcoming…whether it is our pasts, present circumstances, fears, or trading our dreams for His. Yesterday, a dog decided to park itself outside our apartment door. I have this huge fear of dogs. I always have. But, a few weeks ago, I went for a walk and was almost attacked. Onward with my story, this baby pit bull parked itself outside of my door. OK, it stayed there a while- pretty tame, not moving, just kicking back enjoying the shade. Felt like the Holy Spirit was impressing it upon me to give the dog water. Total act of faith, which overrode any level I could of had toward this particular dog. I went back out to where the dog was (remember, it was literally on my door step…or my next door neighbor’s doorstep), and had a 2 minute photo session.



“Greater He who is in you than he who is in the world!” 1 John 4:4

I think this is part of that abundant life that God wants us to have. So many of us are so paralyzed with fear or whatever it may be, that we miss so much!

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Being able to do something we love is one of those things I know I have missed out on. Love to take walks. Love to take pics. But, things like barking, running dogs keeps me from that. Today, I got to go walk and even take a picture with my kindle. Even taking walks themselves can be something I fear. I fear the what if’ s. What if I get weak. What if I go to far. Health wise alone, the fears stack up…

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