Teen Study Bible

teen study bible



This Bible is a study Bible geared toward teens. It’s bright and colorful. It offers many resources to help our teens learn more, as they dig into the Word of God.

In the back of the Bible, it has a section called ‘study helps’. In this section, it offers different helps to help others grow in their faith. In addtion to the helps listed below, it includes a variety of maps.

  • What do I read today? This is a section where students can keep track of what they read. It offers help, by sharing that a new believer may want to read one of the Gospels first. It offers three ‘plans’: for those reading the Bible for the first time, for those who want to read the Bible in a year, and for those who want to read the Bible in two years.
  • Bible Truth Index: This subject index helps students/teens to find just what they need in the Bible. With Father’s Day just passing, they may look up something on “father’s” or sin, etc. It offers many topics.
  • Teen Life Index: Another section with many topics. Some in this section are answered in a question format as a way to engage the readers. Others are marked as ‘instant access’. Want to know more about a topic? This is a good place to start.

This Bible is engaging. It offers many good helps at the end of the book. What is particularly enjoyable is seeing the added help from page to page. On one page, it may include a “dear Jordan” piece, while on another it may include an ‘instant access’ piece. These help the reader to engage in the Word of God more deeply. I feel like the Bible is easy to use. The Bible is durable. I think I would recommend this particular Bible to another. The print is small, but it is also good especially for young eyes.

I was given a copy of this Bible by Booklook, in exchange for a honest review.