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Sarah’s Choice

Sarahs ChoiceSarah’s Choice is a book by Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue. This book, so real. So many are in the midst of a battle of “which decision do I make?”. It is a great book for anyone to read. The main character, Sarah, found out that she is pregnant, while she is in the process of going for a promotion at her job. Her bills are left unpaid and stacking up, and her boyfriend Matt is not taking responsibility seriously. For the characters that’s the basis, but there is just so much more to this book. So much is affecting the decisions Sarah must make.

The movie is one of my favorites, and I found this book to be even better than the movie. It gives so much more descriptions and allowed me to see more of Sarah, her struggles, her relationships with those around here. I love how the writers have added Sarah’s relationship to Audrey, where there is an instant connection and Audrey becomes someone who will help Sarah “talk out” what she is feeling. That is so important when we are in a struggle.

Some things I am reminded of as I reflect on this book:

When making decisions:

  • Think things through.
  • Ask questions.
  • The value of the right mentors in our lives.
  • The need to be there for others.

When it comes to my walk with God:

  • Keeping right priorities.
  • Listen for God’s voice.
  • We can find healing and forgiveness from God.
  • Pray: As I read, I am reminded of the need to pray for  those who are in this struggle of choosing a direction.

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