June 2-8 {Goals}

drlb2Week of June 2-8

Do: Clean out my food box. (yes, mission accomplished!)
Put stuff away in bedroom.
Reorganize my room.
Clean out gluten free cabinets.
Focus this week on VBS.
Daily wash dishes (if able).
Clean kitchen/dining room.

Read: Sarah’s Choice and Martin Luther King. Finish MLK first.

Learn: To discern God’s voice…How to listen to the Lord…and know I am fully walking in a manner worthy of being His. I want to know I am walking the Christian walk with nothing to hinder my witness.

Be: More faithfully in the Word this week! More discerning about how to be alone with the Lord. Contemplate which in-depth study I can do, while continuing Bible reading plan.

By Gracefully Overcoming

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