Goodbye Beans…Hello New Diet.

Just got back from the allergists. He confirmed that the test showed egg and soy allergies. I am going on day 3 of being soy-free, so I do feel the difference. What I wasn’t expecting was for my immune system levels to be low. I wasn’t really expecting an lentil allergy diet either. With most of the food in the category already off limits, it makes sense to be on the safe side and eliminate beans from my diet. Still getting the hang of everything.

Any tips on being soy-free? I have been egg free for the most part. I don’t cook with eggs. I just still use my bread that uses egg whites in it. Looking forward to seeing if all this helps me to feel better. Been super weak today. Coordination is all messed up, but it’s OK. God is still in total control!

I am just feeling really thankful. I am thankful that the allergist is rechecking my immune system numbers, before going forward with treatment. I am thankful I haven’t been pushed off to someone else. I am thankful that I am at the beginning of getting answers!

Now, I will be:
Nut-free (all kinds)
And other lentil-free

Well, I think that’s everything anyway ;).