May 26-June 1 {Goals}

drlb2 I want to get back on track with having specific goals for a given week, to help me to be more productive. Not just in “getting stuff done”, but also in deliberately seeking God and being more about Him in everything I do and also being more driven in my prayer life and seeking God in His Word. One thing that helps me to be more deliberate in how I live is setting a goal (or goals). Goals help me to live more intentional. It helps me to be more productive and make my days more meaningful. Writing out goals helps me too. Posting them here gives encouragement, support, and most importantly accountability. :) So, here we go…

For the week of May 26th

do: I have divided this section into two: seperating the eternal from the temporary. Though things like VBS do profit His Kingdom. In order to be able to do, I must first have my time with Him. Without my time with my Lord and Savior, I am a complete mess. My time with Him has to come first! He must fill me up, in order to send me out. Besides that He wants to be my only love, not even the first of many…but my only love. I want to spend more time being with Him, even if it looks different than it normally does.

The Important Things:

  • Make my time in God’s Word a priority. Take time just enjoying being washed every time I come to Him, to His Word. It’s a soul cleansing, and there is absolutely nothing like it!
  • Cultivate (only with God’s help) a better prayer life- aware of the distractions that keep me from experiencing Him. Reminded of something I saw on facebook today by Oswald Chambers

“Prayer is not an exercise, it is the life of the saint. Beware of anything that stops the offering up of prayer. “Pray without ceasing . . .” Maintain the childlike habit of offering up prayer in your heart to God all the time.” -Oswald Chambers

Other things include:

  • Rest for upcoming week of VBS.
  • Meet and prepare for VBS.
  • Daily wash dishes.
  • Clean out my food box.
  • Clean out food cabinets.
  • Organize my room, put stuff away.
  • Clean kitchen/dining room.

read: In addition to my daily quiet time, I want to finish reading Sarah’s Choice by Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue. Great film. Great novel thus far, which give more detail and allow me to get to know the characters on a more personal level. Excited to see where the authors take me to.

learn: One of my struggles is scripture memorization. I don’t take the time like I should. I almost stated “I don’t make the time”, but that would be a big fat lie. I have the time, but I do not take the time. I allow distractions to pull me away from digging deeper into the Word. This week, I want to spend time meditating on and memorizing 2 Corinthians 4:16. I want to spend time looking at other verses that relate to this one, and study it more in-depth as I seek to memorize it (which can only be done with God’s help!)

I am reminded of the significant importance of Scripture memorization. Jesus knew the Scriptures better than anyone, and he used the Scriptures to defeat the Devil (Matthew 4). So I know Scripture memorization is important for not only trials, but everyday living to help us seek purity, honesty, and being a living sacrifice!

be: I began this morning with just a heart of thankfulness. I woke up early at 4:45 to take my medicine, and was able to go back to sleep. My spirit is just so joyful and at peace, along with the thankfulness. I want to be more thankful. Not just when blessings come, but in everything- all my circumstances! As I cultivate a heart of gratitude, I know God is going to work in me and change me more as I seek His holy face and live out a desire to spend more time with Him!

How about you, dear reader? What are some of your goals for this week? Do you set goals? Do you feel like you are more productive and meaningful from day to day, when you have set goals?