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While We Were on Fire

while we were on fireWhile We Were on Fire is the memoir of Addie Zierman. Since it is a memoir, it is difficult to know how to approach such a review. It takes a different direction than an ordinary book review, because you don’t want to put down another’s experience. Here is my best take on it:

This is a book on her faith journey, and where it has taken her. Several things influenced it, but she reached a point where she hated “church people”. She was struggling greatly, and it seemed nobody heard her pain. When she reached a point, it gave way to alcohol and coarse language. This is her story. Just a hint at what is inside these pages. If coarse language doesn’t bother you, it may be a great book for you to read if you like hearing about others’ faith journey. Addie is bold and honest, which is something I really appreciate about her writing. She is a good writer, and has an experience to share. As she points out, all of our lives are messy.

For me, I really enjoyed the book….until the language popped in and became more frequent. I was surprised at the amount of language, but not to the point that I put the book down. But, I found it to be a heavy distraction that could have been avoided. As I end my review, I would like to share a lesson God taught me through this book. This book reminds me of what is important in the Christian faith. We cannot undervalue the importance of reaching out to others, because we do not know the battle they are facing. We need to both open up to others, and create the space for them to open up to us.

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