From Grave Clothes to New Life.

eph14Today, I hope…that I have been a better witness, Christ-like example, better person to be around, because of my quiet time. I hope… that I was different than I could have been today, because I had my time with Jesus, to allow Him to pour into me! Today has been an interesting one, but isn’t it always? Someone does something to you, and you try not to retaliate. I can try to be friendly, but it is only with Christ working in and through me that it actually shines through. In my own strength, I simply cannot do it. I get bitter. I get anger. That is simply how I in my own sinful nature work. Let me share some of the thoughts bouncing around my head from today.

1. Setting aside my “grave clothes”. This came up, as I read a devotional. I can hold onto things from my past…things that are long gone. Clothes that should have been taken off before now, as I have made new in Christ Jesus!

2. This devotional and meditation time bounced me to Ephesians 2. I love chapter two of Ephesians… Really. I really do. God can turn someone who is pretty much dead in all sense of the word, and make them aliveAlive in Christ!

3. Life happened!

Then, the prayer: “Lord, please help me!”

About this point, I had to decide what I would do. One of the things that I wanted to be about this week was James 1:19 (my goal list for this week). Seems a bit nerdy to have to make it a goal to be nicer to people, more genuine, and deliberate in the kind of interactions I have with others….but if it keeps me reminded about it… Well then, that is a good thing…isn’t it?

So finally sit down, weak from the encounter called life just happened…Meanwhile, Ephesians 4:32 is being put on my heart. I should look that verse up. It is probably one I need to read. You probably know the feeling. It is a simple, but profound way of being obedient to the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, the first step of obedience is really opening our Bibles. We need to be obedient, and it has to begin with seeking Him in His Word…and following through in being a doer of the Word. Upon looking it up, He is speaking to me. It may not have illicit an automatic noticeable reaction, but God’s words are speaking to me. I am praying for Him to help me. As hard as it is, we have to forgive those people who wrong us, hurt us, etc.

In Ephesians 2  and 4, Paul makes the point that there should be a distinction. One thing that really sticks out is that, we have to make the full resolve to not think like others or act like them. We are called to be different. In every instance. We are called to be different. We are called to God’s glory. We are called to be more like Him. We are called to not be like everyone else, but to let His radiant light shine. We were once completely dead, and it is now that we are made alive.

Alive in Christ Jesus!
We can experience freedom like never before.
Freedom where our heavy burdens are finally gone.
Pure joy that we have never experienced before.
No longer emotionally or spiritually numb.
We are truly alive!
Vibrant, breathing, and free to celebrate.
To celebrate who we are in Christ Jesus!
To celebrate how He has woven us together!
To celebrate His love for us!
To celebrate Jesus Christ coming for us!
To celebrate Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins!
To celebrate Jesus Christ’s powerful Resurrection!
To celebrate…for a lifetime!
Nothing can ever take me from His hands!

So, that is what my focus is on today. I hope. That’s where it needs to be. As I see my day being nearer to ending, that’s where my focus needs to remain.
How have you gotten alone with Jesus today? What Bible verses are you taking time to meditate on? How can we build one another up?


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