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overwhelmedI received this book from Tyndale for free, in exchanged for a honest review. A few things has kept this review from being as prompt as I like for the reviews to be. It seems like one thing after another has kept me from getting to read this book. Isn’t that how life gets us though, and stresses us out? We know “I have to do this”, but things keep being thrown our way. It all can leave us feeling so overwhelmed, and often we struggle to know where to turn. I firmly believe God can use this book to guide us through the depression, anxiety, and overwhelming feelings we battle on a daily basis. I know God is using this book to encourage me on my journey with Him.

Life brings problems. We get sick. We lose our jobs. We have bills we cannot pay. We don’t have the time we need to do the tasks that lie before us. We don’t have the energy to do what needs to be done. Many of us are overwhelmed in our lives, which can steal our joy and leave us discouraged. We feel stressed, depressed, and anxious. We can try to do this life on our own, but where will that get us? What I love about this book, Overwhelmed, is Noble’s honesty. He didn’t write from a perspective of “having it all together”. Instead, Perry wrote this book from a place of “I don’t have it all together”. With this book that is set up to encourage us and help us to know to deal with the things that will come our way, we can overcome whatever is robbing us of our joy and life. We can allow Jesus Christ to walk us through the trials we face, whether they be chronic illness, depression, or something else. Let Jesus be your guide! Keep your focus on Him! Our circumstances may not be of our own choice, but they can draw us closer to God…He can strengthen us greatly during these times.

Overwhelmed is a great book on how we, as believers, can overcome depression and anxiety. In Overwhelmed, Perry Noble shares his journey through depression and anxiety. He shares his heart, humor, God’s word, and how we can live a different kind of life. We can live a much more abundant life than ever before. Through the book, Noble encourages us with the book of Daniel, his struggles, and how God helped him to overcome them. I have enjoyed being pointed to God’s Word from chapter to chapter, and learning more about Daniel as I have read Overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed is humorous yet vulnerable, engaging, and draws us back to the Scriptures: 5 Stars.

By Gracefully Overcoming

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