Fish Foil Packet with Veggies

I tried this one just now. It’s fairly good. I did some things differently. Thought I’d share: The fish aspect: LOVE IT!!! It is quite good, and it is just a little oil and seasoning <3. Can we say, AMAZING?!?!?

Inspirational is by 10 Cent Designer. Found here. I did a good amount of things differently, so I wanted to share. Plus *whispers* if I share, I might not forget! It’s really just a basic recipe to get me accustomed to different ways to make fish. I barely started eating fish a few weeks ago.

Ingredients I used:
1/2 Tablespoon of oil (I used Wasson’s Pure Canola Oil)
Piece of Tilapia Fillet
Carrots (or other veggies)
Other Seasoning (ie..Pappy’s)

You will also need one full piece of foil.
Set your oven to 350-370. It will cook for approximately 25 minutes.

  1. You want to use half of a foil sheet (the other half is needed to fold, wrap the food while it cooks).
  2. Slice veggies.
  3. Put veggies you want to use. Sprinkle with seasoning (pepper, salt, etc).
  4. Pour measured oil over your veggies. Only pour a little bit at a time. You want to make sure to cover all the veggies.
  5. Get out your piece of fish, and sprinkle seasonings of both sides
  6. Finally, lay down the fish on top of the veggies.
  7. Fold over the foil to make a ‘packet’

**Make sure the edges are folded over**

The fish, for this recipe, turned out so good! It’s really juicy and tender. Now, I’m not really a veggies person. I am truly trying though. The carrots I used, turned out good though. So I think for next time, I’d really like to try it with diced potatoes and carrots next time. Maybe, try it with butter instead of oil. Overall, I enjoyed it (just not the spinach..ohh, we aren’t there yet ;) ).

3 responses to “Fish Foil Packet with Veggies”

    • I like fresh spinach. Cooked spinach—we aren’t even there yet. I was gagging at the thought of trying to force it down my throat. Oh well, it can go in the trash. I had spinach in this morning’s smoothie ;).

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