The Power of a Half Hour

bookTommy Barnett and his son, Matthew, founded the Dream Center. It is a place where they meet those who are broken and hurting, and many come to know God’s grace and love. Many of whom have their lives extraordinarily changed right there at the Dream Center. I enjoyed this book, as it relates to the Dream Center and hearing about Pastor Barnett’s church life and his experiences. I found his experiences and insight to be very valuable and life changing. Here he shares his principles for making the most use of his time. It isn’t an amazing read, but I did enjoy the insight gleaned as Pastor Barnett wrote about his experiences and the Dream Center.

The book did move me. It has moved me to action, and is helping me as a cultivate new ways to spend time with the Lord and be strengthen in my relationship with Jesus Christ, as I pursue ways to spend specific times with Him. Also I hope it helps me in many other areas, as I seek to apply the concept of giving time to others in a meaningful way.

There is great power in a half hour. We often don’t realize it, or spend our time going from task to task. Often, we miss the power that is in half of a hour. Maybe, it is a conversation that is important, needed, and life defining. Perhaps, it is a tragedy. Or, maybe it is a time spent with the Lord, reflecting on His calling for your life or reflecting on the values you have. What if we spend thirty minutes a day to cultivate our spiritual gifts- given to us by God?

The half hour concept can be helpful in many areas, if applied. Scripture reminds us to make the best use of our time in Ephesians 5:16. Half of an hour has power as you….

Spend time with God

  • Strengthen our walk and intently getting closer to the Lord.
  • Spend in prayer and connect with the Lord.
  • Sit with His Presence and stillness.
  • Listen to God speak to you as you devote time to Him whether it is through prayer, studying His Word, silence, meditation, being with other believers, or enjoying His Presence. “It is your moment to get in sync with the mind and heart of God.”

Ponder and Evaluate

  • Evaluate your heart and attitude- be humble.
  • Ponder your salvation.


  • Experience meaningful conversations,
  • Interact with others to problem solve.
  • Increase your effectiveness
  • Look for divine appointments to minister to others, bless them, encourage, and befriend others.

His Calling for you

  • Prepare for what God is calling you to.
  • Hone skills/passions.
  • Write or create (whatever God has gifted you with).
  • Meditate and reflect on what God is calling you to do.

This book was given to me, in exchange for a honest review by Blogging for Books.

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