“A Godward Heart”

“Perhaps some evening your soul is hungry. Not for anything in particular, just a soul-hunger. A longing. Something is needed beyond what television is going to give. Something about God, or about the meaning of your life, or about eternity.”

A Godward Heart“A Godward Heart” is a devotional collection by John Piper.  John Piper is a well-known author, preacher, and teacher. He is well-known for his book, “Desiring God”. Piper spurs on to encourage, challenge, give insight, and bring us nearer to  God through his writings in “A Godward Heart”.

Are we longing for something more? If so, this is our chance. To pursue our deeper longing. Something that a blaring television can never satisfy. A longing that draws us nearer to the Lord, and sends us on a quest to go deeper in our walk with Christ!

One of things I deeply appreciate is his note to the readers. There is where I found these words: “I have written. And you are reading. And God is ready to act. My words are not Scripture. They are not infallible like God’s words. But my earnest aim in all I write is to be faithful to God’s written Word in the Bible. To point to God and his Son and his works and his ways.”

In this book, Piper offers meditations for our journey. Oh, how our journey would be greatly changed and challenged, as we read and meditate on the things within the contents of this book.

Each devotional is relatively short. They are thought-provoking devotionals that help us to go deeper into Scripture. It is devotionals that will encourage, inspire, give you insight, and finally and most importantly give you something to meditate upon. Not only meditate, but being drawn nearer to the Lord as you seek Him and answer to the longing God has placed in your life- a longing that only He can fill.

I was given a free copy of this book, in exchange for a honest review by Waterbrook Multnomah

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