Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 37

Mt 12:38-50; Acts 18:1-17; Ps 29; Ex 16-18

The overarching theme is God’s provision. It’s not just God’s provision, but His Timing. It is all about God’s Timing. It’s not asking “if” He will provide, but trusting Him–knowing that God definitely will provide! Our task needs to be trusting Him: really trusting Him! So often, we begin complaining rather than praying about something or trusting Him. Choose to trust Him rather than to complain about a situation. Seek His guidance. Keep trusting Him! Praise Him! No matter what you are dealing with, praise Him…for He is good! He has a plan and purpose for everything…

  • Matthew: Some of the Scribes and Pharisees sought another sign to prove that Jesus is who He claims to be. Instead, Jesus teaches. He uses the truth of Jonah to share the truth about the resurrection. The ultimate sign that Jesus is who He says He is: His resurrection. Jesus tells in Mt. 12:43-45 that the evil generation will worsen before, not get better…We see how this all plays out in Matthew when it comes to Jesus’ death. They’d rather let a hardened criminal go free and have Jesus crucified. Choosing what’s wrong, rather than what’s right…
    Memorable Verses: Mt. 12:45-50
    See: Mt. 12:40, 42
  • Acts: Jews opposed the truth… So, Paul went to Corinth, to share the Good News. There, many listened and came to know Christ. They accepted the Word of the Lord. When Jews made an attack on Paul, they took him to a leader who wanted nothing to do with their complaint…Even overlooking the beating of  a synagogue leader.
    God Spoke to Paul: Acts 17:9-10
  • Psalm: God is full of glory, strength, and power. Do we seek to honor Him? We need to recognize who God is, and praise Him. Recognize His great majesty, His power, His holiness…He is worthy to be praised. How can you devote more of yourselves to honoring Him? One way I can is by sitting with Him more. More time of praising Him, meditating on who He is or what He is saying to me in His Word.
    Memorable Verses: Psalm 29:1-2, 4
  • Exodus: God provided for Israel. Though they complained (which was of no value to them), God provided. They seemed to complain more than they trusted God. Do you complain rather than trust Him? Lord help me to remember to trust You, rather than complaining or focusing on my circumstance…Help me to stay focused on You! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
    Complaints: Ex. 16:2-3, Ex. 17:2
    Food: Ex. 16:12, 25
    Provision: Ex. 17:6, 13; 18:11, 21
    Community: Ex. 17:11-13