Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 32

In the Discipleship Journal Reading Plan, there are a few days of no reading that are divided up throughout the month. This is the beginning of the month. First day of February’s reading.

Matt 10:21-42; Acts 15:22-41; Psalm 24; Ex 1-3

Exodus: Egypt is changing from what it once was. Joseph has been laid to rest for quite some time. The new leader in Egypt feared the Israelites. Because of his own fear, he oppressed the Israelites. Moses is born and saved by the faith of the Hebrew midwives. Moses saw his own people’s sufferings—the suffering he was spared of. God heard every cry of His people, and He would deliver them.  It did not matter how much time elapsed—but that God would save them. That’s all that mattered—God: Saving His people; Those He dearly loves. He saw all they endured. The Egyptians were not messing with any ordinary group of people, but those that God had specifically chosen. The truth applies as much as it did then: God hears our cries. God acts. He delivers.
Memorable Verses:
Ex. 1:7, 3:7-8
See: Psalm 10:16-18
Egypt’s Fear: Ex. 1:8-9
Egypt’s Action: Ex. 1:10-14
Bravery in Hebrew Midwives: Ex. 1:15-21
God Heard Their Cries: Ex. 2:23-25
Moses Meets God: Ex. 3:2-6
God Calls Moses: Ex. 3:10
Moses Fear: Ex. 3:11
Moses’ Questions and Concerns: 3:11-15

Matthew: We need to be pursuing God wholeheartedly. Scripture teaches us that those who endure to the end will be saved. Persecution will come. Houses will be divided. Better to endure those things than for the Gospel to not be told. His Good News and His Truths should be shouted from the rooftops!
Memorable Verses: Mt 10:26, 30-32.

Acts: I love the reminder of what the prophets’ task was (See vs. 31-32) Prophets were sent to minister to the Gentiles. Their mission was clear: to encourage them in their faith, remind them of God’s truth, and to teach—the Gentiles were sent Judas (also called Barsabbas) and Silas. Silas soon would go with Paul to other cities to strengthen the churches. How are we strengthening other believers? How are we encouraging others, and speaking God’s Word to others in our lives? I love the encouragement of this passage. How we serve God by “encouraging and strengthening the brothers and sisters with many words.” (See vs. 32)
to the Gentiles: Acts 15:24-26
Sent to Minister: Acts 15:31-32

Psalm: The Earth belongs to the Lord. He blesses those whom He wants to bless. It is a privilege to enter His presence. In the OT, only priests were allowed near His Presence. It is a privilege—lets praising Him! How can we live out Psalm 24:3-6 more in our lives? How can we seek His face more?
The Earth is the Lord’s: Psalm 24:1-2
Those who are Righteous: Psalm 24:3-6
Offering of Praise: Psalm 24:7-10