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Miss Brenda and the Loveladies

This book has been such an inspiration to read. It is a great testimony of how God can and will work in any situation, when we give ourselves to Him. In this book, Miss Brenda walks completely by faith. At times, she is seen as crazy. But, the way that God works it out for His ultimate good is absolutely amazing. I have loved being reminded of these ladies as I go about my day. I finished reading the book a few daysago, and still I am in total awe of how God worked in these ladies’ lives as well as the lives of those around them. I am so thankful to have read their story, and be able to continue to pray for them as God continues to work in their lives. God has worked greatly in their lives, but He is not done yet! This book fills me with exhilaration for God and His Kingdom as He continue to work in others’ lives!
Brenda is in a position where she is nearly sent to prison (along with her pregnant daughter). God worked in that situation, where they are spared from that ordeal. Instantly, she feels complete freedom. Almost as instantly, Brenda goes forth to pursue prison ministry. She wanted to meet these ladies, experience what they went through, and be a light in a dark place. Most people thought she was crazy or would fall on her face. Her ideas: crazy. But, the thing is: she wholly pursued God and followed his leading–even to the point of stepping out in faith to pursue moving ex cons into her house with her family, a whole house as opposed to the ladies going to a half way house after being released from jail. A chance for healing, transformation, and new beginnings. Brenda had no idea what she was doing, but God definitely did…That’s a little bit about the book’s description. You do not want to miss out on this one!
Their story displays how God can mightily work in our lives! It is a testimony to be shared for years to come. I hope many will read this book, and be reminded of God’s redemption and willingly stand out in faith. We serve an audience of one. Even when everyone thought Brenda was crazy, she continued to walk by faith. Everyone may have thought she was crazy, but God protected her and her family and He delivered through the way he worked in their midst!
When we hear about God setting the prisoners free (Psalm 102:19-20; Matthew 25:34-36), this is exactly what it is about! It is about being there wholeheartedly holding nothing back, and willing being there for spiritual, physical, and emotional support. This book is such a powerful testimony to the grace of God. Philippians 4:13 is clearly displayed through the pages of this book: “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

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