The Sacred Search by Gary Thomas

“The Sacred Search”
By Gary Thomas

sacred searchI borrowed this book from a good friend. On the back cover, it states “Don’t get married until you have read this book.” That is a very true statement. If you are single, you have to read this. It definitely is much needed. Often singles spend much time “finding the one” versus deliberating considering why they want to get married. It is not about the who, but about the why. Do we need to be madly in love to marry? Not really. Feelings can be deceptive. Feelings come and go. We rely much on feeling instead of what really counts. What kind of spouse do you want? Someone who is going to lead you spiritually? Someone who is going to provide? This book really boils down to the why in such a wonderful light. Thomas don’t hide the truth that marriage is hard. He brings topics to light that need to be considered before marriage. Couples need to talk  about the difficult subjects before marriage..

Choosing a spouse is to not be taken lightly. It needs to handled with the utmost care. We are choosing a future spouse, father of our children, partner in ministry, etc. The choice doesn’t just affect us. It affects our families, church, community, and the Kingdom of God. Most of us are given one shot. Marriage is meant for life. We need to approach dating with wisdom and seeking godly guidance. The key in this is finding someone with whom you have a shared mission: Matthew 6:33. This is the only way to have a spiritual influenced life. The focus has to be on pursuing Christ and keeping an eternal perspective when choosing a potential spouse.

It is a very eye opening book. Well worth the time and money spent into reading it. He really lays things out. Very honest. It helps to understand what it is really at stake. A lot should be considered when it comes to potentially marrying an individual.