Chocolate Cake Bite

New Recipe… Just something for me. It was too time consuming, but can be adjusted as I change how much I make or using a cake mix from scratch

See how smooth and round they are.
Never underestimate a good appliance
and nonstick cooking spray. =]

I used my Baby Cakes Cake Pop appliance. I like it. It goes faster that way, or it should. It took a lot longer to make these cake bites than it would have been to make cupcakes. It would of taken much longer to use a mini-muffin pan. I am figuring it probably took 1.5 hours, easy. When you don’t have energy, that is outrageous and costs more than many can imagine. My body is very sad right now, because of that great cost.

Case in point why next time I will only make a small fraction of how much I made today. They were good though. I am letting them cool, then will freeze them in a gallon size bag, and eat them slowly over next few months. A box of cake mix can make me about 24-32 smaller cupcakes, and last a few months. Making cake bites means a lot more to eat, just bite size. But also why it took so long to make them.

I have been having to be reminded of using non-stick cooking spray. I resprayed every batch or two to keep it from sticking. For the first batch, I forgot to spray the wells..things went much more smoothly as I remembered to spray it, lol.

I used Betty Crocker’s gluten free chocolate cake mix and followed the directions pretty much. The only difference in preparation was using nondairy butter AND an egg replacer. I wasn’t sure how well it would work considering it was a recipe calling for three eggs, but it turned out pretty well.

Because I like fast: I used the Cake Pops appliance. Each batch took maybe 3 minutes. It may have overheated. Not sure… It worked fine though. The cake bites in the picture aren’t glazed or anything, just the regular cake bites.

I did try out a glaze for a couple of the cake bites. It was really simple. Some powdered sugar (1/2 teaspoon) mixed in a small bowl with 1 teaspoon of original rice milk. Then, I rolled the cake bites in the glaze mixture. It isn’t enough of a glaze mixture to leave it looking different than a regular plain cake bite.

This was my first attempt at trying something more resembling a doughnut. It isn’t a doughnut, but it’s a start. :)

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