Single-Serving Rice Krispies Treat

Rice Krispies Treat.
In under 2 minutes.

Single-Serving Rice Krispies Treat Recipe

I had found a rice krispies in a cup recipe, but I didn’t have my phone when I decided to make it on the spot. So, I just used what I had: my ingredients, knowing something needed to be melted, etc..It isn’t a perfect recipe, but I think it is a work in progress. It was a yummy treat that I enjoyed, which basically is what I look for in a recipe. Food goodness found inside a cute mug.

Favorite mug (I used my Fresno Pacific University one)
GF Rice Krispies (3/4 cup..23 grams is what I used)
Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow (2 nice, fluffy, big pieces)
Butter  (2 tablespoons: I used Smart Balance-Extra Virgin Olive Oil light)

1. Grab mug
2. Put 2 tablespoons of butter and 2 marshmallows in your mug
3. Place it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds. (more like 40 seconds is what I used)
4. Open pack of GF Rice Krispies.

Okay, can I be honest?
I used a little single serving container of Rice Krispies that I found at the dollar store. And, it was incredibly quick. I just threw it in my mug. I didn’t have to measure it out or anything. It was beautiful, and only 20 cents for a single serving container. It is love at first sight…

*ehem* anyway, back to the recipe. You want to mix in the 3/4 cup of rice krispies into the mug, and stir. You could possibly add more in if you wanted–given how much room is left in yours. I opted to not mess with it. More still could of been added.

5. Lastly I push down on the spoon, so it could come together in a cubed-like shape. Then left it sitting (not before taking a few small bites of it). Mine didn’t shape or stick together particularly well, but I prefer taste to shape any day.


Next time, I might play around with the recipe… Maybe either add more cereal; Add in chocolate chips; try using less butter. Possibilities for Rice Krispes Treats. are. endless.

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