GF Corn Dogs

Gluten Free Corn Dogs.  

The purposes of this page is to just share recipes I have come across. It isn’t rewriting what I have found. It is sharing different sites with a recipe that I have tried and liked. I am not the best of cook. What worked for me may not work for others… Just wanting a place to share, and talk about newfound cooking experiences as I learn to live with different food restrictions…

Recipe 1: Gluten Free Corn Dogs.

I actually really like this recipe. There are only some very slight difference in terms of what I may have done differently ingredient wise: I added a drop or two more of milk and bisquick~ not much, just slightly. Probably not much of a difference. Adding a little bit of both probably evened things out.

Also: the hot dogs. I cut them in half and cooked them in advance, so they were in the oil for less time. Heating the oil before putting in the “corn dog” works really well. Then, the corn dog isn’t soaking up too much of the oil, because the hot dog was already thoroughly cooked..

Ohhh, and a bonus. My batter stretched a lot farther than it says in the recipe. Instead of using one pack of hot dogs, I used nearly two packs. Thankfully, we stock up on hot dogs when they are on sell. The corn dogs taste great. It will really cut down on my frustrations of not knowing *what* to eat. It gives me something else to choose from, so I am not eating the same thing day after day.

Freezing idea:
This came from a different site, but I tried it and really liked it. After a few of them have cooled, I put them on a baking sheet to go in the freezer. This way, they could freeze a bit before I started to bag them (using quart size freezer bags). I ended up with thirty corn dogs after eating a couple… Since they were smaller corn dogs, I was able to stick the freezer bags in the door of my small freezer without worrying about it taking up too much space.

When bagging, I added the date…so I would know when I made them. Also, put the expiration date on bags of corn meal and GF Bisquick. (Note: Best to freeze GF Bisquick… Don’t be like me, and almost forget!)

The results!

Best of all: Gluten free/Nut free/ Fructose friendly. Just is not lactose free. Others without nut allergies, feel free to try using Almond milk for the recipe.

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