“Too Close to Home”

“Too Close to Home” by Lynette Eason
I found this book on Amazon on sale for free.
Free: there is no greater price than free, by the way.
too close to homeOn to the book: I really enjoyed this book. It only took me about a day to read. It is a really easy read. There were places where I would have to reread statements to make sure I got the point they were trying to get across (call it “fibro fog”). Some of it simply did not make sense. It could of been me. It could of been the book. The killer’s identity just did not make sense to me.
Disclaimer: I do not typically read these kind of books. I love to watch things like Law and Order. This would fit into the Law and Order: SVU scene very well. There are other things that remind me of other shows, such as: NCIS:LA and the original NCIS… Profile Psychologist. Computer Tech. Detectives. Medical Examiner. No show gives light to each professional.
I believe the genre is labeled a ‘suspense’ for this book. However, I found the book to have different elements. What kept me interested was Sam and Connor’s relationship. They definitely have a good relationship where they relate easily to one another and work well together despite a bumpy start when they first meet. Another thing is it involves FBI agents and local police working to solve a case: to catch a serial killer who has been prowling, kidnapping, using, and killing young girls. Love the story-line.
Honestly, the ending about the killer’s identity was really disappointing and threw me for a loop. The ending concerning Samantha and Connor was a fabulous way to end the story. Not only that, but it was a very difficult case to be solved and what really shines through is the characters seeking God and redefining their faith through it all. It is really life-like where we encourage each other to seek Christ no matter what we may be facing or encountering at any random time. It is not so much about the case as it is dealing with life. I may not be a cop, but we can relate to life happening, trying times, and being frustrating~ The message is learning to trust Him. Trusting He is there in all is key!
The case ends, but the characters’ lives are radically changed as a result of this case. Connor and Samantha met as a result of the case. Complete strangers who become close friends as a result of the long hours spent trying to catch a killer. The case was not just a job assignment, but it was something that left its impact on each of the detectives and those involved on the case.
I give it an easy “B”. There are a lot of good elements about this book. It is a good book. It is on my kindle app and connected to my amazon account for the next time I am in the mood for a suspense/feel good story. The only thing that downgrades my thoughts on the book: the serial killer’s identity. There lacked creativity in choosing an overall, good identity for the killer. I will not reveal who the killer was, but it just did not fit well with the story line. At the end of the book where his identity is revealed, it leaves a big “huh?” after reminding oneself about all that happened during the book…