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“Grieving God’s Way”

Grieving God’s Way: The Path to Lasting Hope and Healing 
By Margaret Brownley

grieving Gods wayThis book I hold in front of me is a wonderful tool to help anyone through the grieving process of losing a loved one. It is a 90 day devotional book that has 4 sections to it. It takes one through healing of the grieving body, soul, heart, and spirit. She opens up the introduction for the first part with these words: “When a loved one dies, the body reacts…” She knows what it is to grieve, as she lost her son. She guides us with her writings as we seek God’s healing touch. As we grieve, we need to seek Him. This is what this devotion book gives us the opportunity to do.

Each day’s devotion consists of the following:

1. Scripture and words drawing us to Him.
The author opens up with a scripture, as she begins to begin the day focusing our attention on Him and His power to help us as we grieve. The scripture is used as she writes about grieving–and how we can begin to work through it. Grief is difficult and this devotional really approaches the subject in a godly manner. God wants to hold us, and help us through it.

2. She ends each day with an active way we can pursue healing.

“Healing Ways” is the gem in this book that makes this devotional complete. Using the ideas at the end of a devotion, we can apply what we are being shown. She gives us a scripture and a specific way that we can pursue healing for that day. For one day, it may be making a list of past losses and determining which was adequately grieved. For another, it may be using insomnia as “God’s time”–an opportunity to draw closer to Him.

I firmly believe that God will use this book greatly to help others as they grieve. Through this book, we can be strengthened in our walk with God and know He is our healer! This book gives us guidance. Often with grief, we do not know where to begin or how to overcome the grief–this book offers suggestions through the “Healing Ways” section of each daily devotion. We are able to begin to move further away from the grieve, and closer into our Lord’s everlasting arms. We may be able to find ourselves moving past the barriers we found ourselves in, and begin to live again–because of Him!

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