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"On This Day in Christian History"

On This Day in Christian History
By Robert J. Morgan

christian historyThe book can be used as a daily devotional or something to read as you are going through your day as a way to keep yourself engaged and encouraged, as you go through your life. The devotions are very short, so they would only take about 5 minutes and they have a verse at the bottom of the page so you can meditate on it all day long.

The stories are absolutely amazing and completely true, which makes them even more of a blessing to read. The book gives real life stories about men and women in the Christian faith that is completely mind-blowing. The book allows you to hear about: the boxer rebellion, Susanna Wesley, Saint Francine and Claire, and Saint Patrick as well as many others. I have always heard bits of pieces about certain heroes of the faith, but never firsthand got the chance to hear much of their stories. The excitement I felt when I got to hear Susanna Wesley’s (John and Calvin Wesley’s mother) story about how she grew up and her life panned out.

I absolutely love this book. It is something that is beneficial for all of us to read as we strive to serve God and glorify him in everything we do in our lives. It is amazing to see just how much God can do for us that we feel to recognize. The book has had a way of getting me out of my rut where it’s “me, me, and me”, because I am realizing and able to be thankful for my own situations.

Another specific thing I loved about this book is the concordance in the back. If I need to look for a devotion geared towards marriage and romance or discouragement, I would have no problem finding a story to comfort me and draw my heart closer to the Lord.

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