Gracefully Overcoming

Living in the Confidence and Hope Found in Christ Alone!

  • Foreigners in This Land

    “You are replaceable.” I was told this a number of years ago. But, it continues to bounce around between my head and heart along with anything and everything that I have been told over the past thirty-plus years of life. It wasn’t even about Stacey as a human being. Sorta used to folks not liking… Continue reading

  • C o u n t d o w n Begins!

    In roughly one week (May 1), a Women’s Facebook Group (Sorry dudes!) will begin the pursuit of studying the longest chapter of the Bible and doing so verse-by-verse. I am excited. I am nervous | scared | anxious. I have rescheduled this Bible Study a few times, to make sure I was ready to begin… Continue reading

  • Recovery From Hard Seasons

    Photo by Matt Paul Catalano at Unsplash I have a tendency of going through seasons where things are clustered together. It is like building blocks, you could say, where one hard thing builds on another and so on. Thing after thing. Maybe, you have experienced a similar thing. I have been reflecting on one specific… Continue reading

  • N e w S t u d y – Psalm 119

    We will start our newest study on May 1. Until then, and because I like the idea of starting our study with some kind of intro, I want to share quotes and such. It’s a long study, why not make it longer? :) I am not committing to blog or facebook posts for it. But… Continue reading

  • Dreaming Differently

    We hear a lot of discussion concerning the “American Dream”. I want to share about a different kind of dream. Lately, I have been thinking of the numbers 3/20. Yes it is a date on a white board in our home, but it is also the number of this amazing promise in the Bible. It… Continue reading

About Me

My name is Stacey. This is my favorite space on the web. Gracefully Overcoming has become my outlet as I learn to cope with multiple chronic illnesses. It is where my trials and faith in Christ come together.