Fumble Like A Football

Today, my reply to someone, a stranger, was “anything for you,” instead of “anytime” or “God bless you”. Why am I telling you this? The thing about our Mighty God is how He knows our hearts, and what we meant to say, and He sees we want to obey Him with all of our lives. … Continue reading Fumble Like A Football


Reach Out

Expectations are such a heavy load to carry, especially when under the weight of our own. What heavy expectations do you think you have to carry around? How are you discerning if it is the Lord's expectations? As I think on these things, my heart is screaming Matthew 11:28-30. Everyone carries heavy burdens, but how … Continue reading Reach Out


One of the hardest things about being chronically ill, aside from the debilitating and annoying symptoms, is probably feeling alone on some level. I actually made it to a women's Bible study that I had wanted to start attending (since July). This set of Scripture (Isa. 41:8-13) fell into my lap while I was there. … Continue reading Alone?